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IT Support Services for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Unipower provides solutions to help businesses to manage their network resources and provides proactive I.T. management services. We use state-of-the-art IT management tools, to protect and optimize your network performance. Unipower understands how important your business is and we are dedicated to making sure your business network is optimized to run smoothly at all times.

Unipower can handle all of your IT services, network maintenance, server set up and technology needs. We offer complete technology support, including managed technology services, Printer Services, infrastructure cabling, office start up and relocation, telecommunications, business continuity and disaster planning, data recovery and technology

Unipower also provide Virtualisation Solutions

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Managed Services

You get all the preventative maintenance you would expect from your IT provider Quarterly or once a month - except now you'll get it every day. We monitor your network for spyware, virus activity, and failed backups and keep your systems patched and updated. Add to that user access to our live service desk for remote support by phone and over the Internet.

Our Managed Service Includes:
Network Preventative Maintenance
Microsoft Patch Management
Network Management
Unlimited Phone & Remote Support

Infrastructure Cabling

Unipower provides a full array of data and voice cabling solutions including coaxial and copper cabling system installation. Our team works with you to design a cabling infrastructure that will meet your business needs based on your company's logistical, physical and technical demands.In addition to designing your telecommunications and network infrastructure, we can install complete cutting edge racking and cable cabinet systems

Our infrastructure cabling services include:
Voice and Data Wiring
Data Center Design and Installation
Data Center Power Distribution and Management
Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) Infrastructure
Cable Management Systems
Copper, Fiber and Coaxial Cables
Data Rack Installation
Cable Trays

Office Startup & Relocation

Office Startup
Unipower has extensive experience in setting up technology systems for new businesses and office start ups. Our office start up program includes hardware recommendations and selecting the appropriate servers, routers, firewalls, e-mail systems, virus protection, backup and more. We install and configure all hardware, software, networks and workstations, Thin Clients to get your office up and running smoothly.

Office Relocation
Your business applications are so important that downtime is unacceptable, yet you need to relocate. Unipower can help you relocate your office with minimal downtime. Through careful planning, a deep understanding of technology and applications, and extensive experience with relocating IT systems, Unipower can help your relocation go smoothly.

Web Design & Branding

Unipower builds standard web sites, web applications and branding strategies from the ground up. Our web solutions are built to market your products, build your brand and empower a lasting impression among your customers and within your industry.

We offer multiple budgetary options based on the needs of your business and incorporate the leading disaster recovery

Web Design & Branding

Virtualize Your Infrastructure

Unipower offers complete virtualization technology and equipment programs with a wide variety of customized options. We will create a map of your technology infrastructure and replicate your physical environment onto our virtual machines.

virtualization platform delivers maximum performance, data protection, improved disaster recovery processes and reduces operating expenses of in-house technology systems with Unipower's virtualised infrastructure, you can reduce the risk and cost of upgrading and maintaining your own servers. Our virtualization platform simplifies your IT data and critical technology applications and decreases equipment costs. operations, optimizes your tech assets, protects your data and critical technology applications and decreases equipment costs.

Benefits of Virtualization
Run your desktop applications from any machine
Improve uptime and availability of your platform
Reduced IT Costs and Expenditures
Seamless disaster recovery
Provision new servers within minutes
Decrease equipment costs
Reduce the number of servers required
Add virtual machines quickly for new applications
Dynamic resource allocation